10″ dubplate housed inside a sleeve with individually hand-drawn artwork by Coline Cornélis.

This second instalment of Rupert Clervaux’s ‘Zibaldone of CVX’ series unpicks a poetic thread and uses it to stitch together four musical and rhythmical meditations on the modern psychosocial condition: a midi-plucked harp sample sets the reflective tone for a recital of the late, great Geoffrey Hill’s enigmatic candour in considering the effect of stabilised serotonin levels on his prolificacy. Then repetition sets the tension as taut drum skins get pattern-cut and passed through the pitch shifter’s on/off switch; Tanzen und Denken interact as the rhythms make way for a fragment of Herbert Marcuse’s still-timely diagnosis of the beleaguered collective psyche. Repetition then reveals its eruptive force, grappling with, and ultimately reigning in, Eben Bull’s singular saxophone for a rowdy meditation on the narcotic solipsism of the cult of the self. And repetition changes tack again to reveal its hypnotic, abreactive side––excavating and closely examining a rich psychological seam in Angie Stone’s lyrical strata, as a fragment of her classic track relives its origins in the O’Jays ‘Backstabbers’.

Rupert Clervaux: drums, percussion, samplers
Eben Bull: saxophone on ‘I on Crack’
Alexis Taylor: vocals on ‘I on Crack’

ZII.1 – This Harp of Nerves (an excerpt from ‘Speech! Speech!’ by Geoffrey Hill, read by Rupert Clervaux)
ZII.2 – An Incredible Quantum of Aggressiveness
ZII.3 – I on Crack
ZII.4 – Memories Don’t Live Like People Do

Thanks to Beatrice Dillon for seeds of inspiration, James Marrs for rare dedication.

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