Here is probably the best personal thing I ever shared on the World Wide Web – you can notice I’m writing in English so it makes it even more solemn.

I am more than happy to announce that I made the artwork and a poster for Rupert Clervaux’s remarquable new release, Zibaldone I. It is out today on all the good plateforms.
Bandcamp : https://lauraliesin.bandcamp.com/album/zibaldone-i-of-cvx
Bleep: https://bleep.com/release/78368-cvx-zibaldone-i-of-cvx
Juno : http://www.juno.co.uk/products/zibaldone-i-of-cvx/636493-01/
Boomkat : https://boomkat.com/products/zibaldone-i-of-cvx

Rupert has been inspired by Giacomo Leopardi’s voluminous notebooks called ‘Zibaldone’ and by a wide wide range of other poetic and philosophical inductions to constitute his rhythmic hotchpotch, his weird melodic waterzooi. One can feel the contribution of Hölderlin, German thinker, Goethe’s and Kant’s disciple, Derek Walcott, Saint Lucia poet and Nobel prize receiver, Silvina Ocampo, Argentine poet and short-fiction writer, drummers Hamid Drake and Joey Baron… There is a little bit of everyone in it.
It was by far the most intellectually exciting work I’ve ever done – sorry ULB. I LOVED every step of it.

Zibaldone also brings a reflexion on influence and authorship. « Impulsive recordings, studio off-cuts, brazen samples, internet rips and selected recitals braid together to swing a pendulum bob between original composition and mixtape compilation. The blurred line between authorship and usage is open to view. In fact, originality itself is called into question––is it, as one 18th century belletrist suggested, simply ‘judicious plagiarism’ anyway ? »

We have been working on it for months, there has been unpredictable delays, twists and micro-tragedies but HERE. WE. ARE.

Special thanks to my friends and to the Internet. These two always brought good things to me – and sometimes one brought the other, and the other way around. I am very lucky.
I’m drawing for quite a while and I never ever thought it could lead to something like this. I’m the happiest human being on Earth today 🙂

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