artwork covers for Rupert Clervaux

I had the chance to actively participate in the creation of the Zibaldone record series, a suite of four albums made by Rupert Clervaux. Taking their name from Giacomo Leopardi’s sprawling, voluminous notebooks––in the hope that at least a smudge of his polymathic flair might rub off––these ‘Zibaldone’ constitute a kind of audio shorthand, a weird melodic waterzooi or a musical hotchpotch, to use the most viable translation from the Italian. They are rhythmic and melodic sorties into, and salvoes from, the worlds of literature, philosophy, poetry, psychology, history, politics and so on, and so on. Impulsive recordings, studio off-cuts, brazen samples, internet rips and selected recitals braid together to swing a pendulum bob between original composition and mixtape compilation.

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