laying ambient sets

This is a project that has occupied me for several years now. Its name is lay and it consists of ambient lying sets, sometimes accompanied by drawn visuals.

I have always liked to associate things that I find beautiful. The pictures on the walls of my teenage bedroom like the songs in my sets today. It is this personal taste for associations that I would like to restore in this project, in three stages: the sharing of the beauty of sounds, the suggestion of mental images through visuals and the awakening of a certain sensitivity.

This is a dj set, accompanied by visuals that I produce, intended for an audience that will feel free to lie down and let themselves go. The title lay means at the same time « to lay down, put down something or someone » and « a tune, a melody ». This sums up quite well the idea behind this series.

The music is made of my “coups de coeur”, with no limit of style, with perhaps an affinity for ambient music and other music from all over the world, as well as recordings — sounds from nature or readings of texts. It highlights silences, the idea of long time and unusual sounds.

This clip was made by Cyprien Delire.

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