In her sets ranging from gentle ambient to sweaty techno, she selects rare songs and recordings, dear to her heart, which she interweaves in order to form unusual mixes. Recently, she has also started to compose introspective ambient pieces based on field recordings.

Driven by a passion for harmony and textures, Coline intend to offer an emotional background, a story and a form of delicacy to her live or recorded performances. Her music was described by Pitchfork as “storm-tossed, thoughtful and luminous”.

She is a resident on two radio stations, Refuge Worldwide where she conveys her desire to make people dance and feel the energy weaving between bodies through journeys in all kinds of musical styles, and LYL Radio where she instills a softer, more introspective atmosphere by creating sets about chosen themes, inspired by emotions, conceived as sound collages.

After collaborating with experimental musician Rupert Clervaux for his latest records series, she released the critically-acclaimed LLIM01 mixtape on Laura Lies In, a British record label and was featured on Berceuse Héroïque.

While working for Passa Porta, an international house of literature in Brussels, she stared theliteratuurmixes, a series of short mixtapes inspired by authors and readings that marked her, each time based on a different theme. The audio mixtapes have gradually become live performances, where thematic texts and tracks superimpose and come to life through the voice of a live actress.

Her latest project is called lay. It consists of dj sets, composed of her favourite slow tracks, with no limit of style, with perhaps an affinity for ambient music as well as recordings — sounds from nature or readings of texts. It highlights silences, the idea of long time and unusual sounds. It is intended to make the listener travel in different types of soundscapes.

She extended the concept last year with lay A/V, including visuals. In addition to the sharing of the beauty of sounds and the awakening of a certain sensitivity, lay A/V explores another facet of contemplation by the suggestion of mental images through visuals : an installation and an animation of her drawings projected on stage. It makes an intriguing bridge between her sound and visual proposals.

Her work has been showcased at notable venues such as Cafe Oto (London), SET space (London), Beursschouwburg, STUK (Leuven), Fuse, C12, Botanique and festivals like HORST Festival, Core Festival, Paradise City and Paradise down by the lake, Micro Festival, NoName or La Nature Festival.

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