This mix is a kind of progression, which goes from one feeling to another.

A side represents chaos,
B side, the harmony that emerges from it.

All these hazy sounds from outer space, ominous tribal songs, ghostly complaints, sick sad floorfillers light up at once. Lightness comes out some bright kora chords, out of the beauty that helps. We end up lulled by the warmth of saudade, sipping the comforting taste of bitter-sweetness, enjoying the mild relief of relativity and nonsense.

As a friend said, sadness and beauty are often closer companions than we think.

This mixtape never intend to be technical, it is only about feelings waving through thematic connections, creating a setting for thoughts and for optimistic unwindings.

Drawings, words and music are intricated, following the same path, in different ways.
The leaflet is made out of a contrast between transparency and encrypted messages. Each drawing has a story, a fortiori a problematic one, that is eventually unraveled by the superposition of some pieces of the artwork.’



– Dialogue de l’histoire et de l’âme charnelle, Charles Péguy, writing about Les nymphéas de Monet, « The first time, on the contrary, will be the best, because it’s the less accustomed ; the first nymphea will be the best, because it is the birth itself ».
– The Book of Disquiet, Fernando Pessoa
– « I feel nothing without feeling the opposite »
– Dry Clay Head, Mark Manders and Sleeping Muse, Constantin Brancusi
– « terrifying lightness of emptiness »
– Voyage au bout de la nuit, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, and drawings, « Maybe that is what we are looking for through life, only that, the greatest sorrow to become ourselves before dying ».
– The Voyager Golden Record
– the idea of relativity
– the notion of ‘Amor Fati’





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